Friday, April 19, 2013

Mission Reunion!!

HELLO EVERYONE!!!    This is Britten!
On April11, I went to the SLC airport to see my cousin, Elder Tyler Condie, when he just got back off his mission from Texas. It was so amazing to give him a huge hug and talk with him. I was so happy because I saw how it would have been if I just got back off my mission. We went to eat after that and him and I talk about so many fun, amazing and spiritual things that happened in our mission.
After I was with him and his family, then my family and I went to a hotel close to the SLC temple.

Then that night, I saw my Mission President Moreira and Sister Moreira. I was soooo excited to see them! It was amazing to see them again, since the last time I remember that I saw them was a day or two before I got hit.  I gave Pres. Moreira a hug, and the first time I saw him I talked in Portuguese. I gave sister Moreira a giant hug too, and that was the first hug that I was able to give her. While I was with them, I felt the spirit so strong, and I felt the love that they have for me. I'm so thankful that they were like an awesome teacher, parent and friend.
That night, I met one of the 70's, from Brazil. He told me that his wife went to the same hospital that I was in Salt Lake. And he said that one of the times when he went there, he went to my room and gave me a blessing. He is an amazing man, and I'm so blessed for all those that have gave me blessings.

Then the next morning, I was with Pres. and Sister Moreira's kids, Diogo and Ruth. It was fun taking them and showing them church history sites, like "This is the Place Monument". 
While we were there we ran into a family from Brazil that knew Ruth and Diogo.  I recognized him and asked him if he was from Penha, Brazil?  (He was over institute there).  He said, Yes, are you Britten Schenk?  I said, Yah!
He said, "Your Mission Pres. asked me to have all the institute teacher ask all the students in Brazil to pray and fast for you."  He said, "I'm so glad that you are doing so good.  I know it is because all the prayers to Heavenly Father.  That was amazing that so many people would pray for me.

That night I went to Provo, for a Mission Reunion! I drove with Elder and Sister Moreira and my mom. We talked about so many spiritual thoughts, that were so delighted. When we got there, I saw and talked to so many people that I knew that were on my mission. It was so much fun to talk with all of them about funny and spiritual things that was through our mission. I felt that I was back on my mission with all of the missionaries and my Pres. and Sister Moreira.

I loved so many of them, excpecially my dad (Taylor Fox), and a lot of those that were in my district or zone areas that I was with.
Like Junior Toala, McKay Meyer, Karen Ogden, Jesi Sommers, Steve Clark and many more. We were all so cheerful and it felt like we were back on our mission haha!

All of us feel so blessed for all we did and for all the many people that we helped. We all LOVED our mission.  I'm so glad that I have so many good friends.

I'm SO thankful for all of those that prayed and fasted for me. I honestly dont think any one can comprehend how thankful I am for each and everyone of you. I know that this is the biggest reason why I am doing so well.  I know Heavenly Father has a plan for me, and I hope I can help other people the way you have all helped me.  Thank you!
Love,  Britt :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

USHA Convention

  Britten is this year’s recipient of the USHA Communication Ambassador Award. This award is given to someone who has participated in Speech/Language/Hearing services over the course of the year and has inspired others with their strength, perseverance, and success.    -Lisa Millman
    What a great honor this is for Britten to represent the profession that has helped him so much in his recovery. He had the opportunity to speak at their convention.

Monday, April 1, 2013


                                                              Dear Britten,
I want to thank you for sharing your remarkable story and giving such an exceptionally moving speech at the Utah Speech-Language Hearing Association Awards ceremony on March 8th2013. 

It was genuinely inspiring to learn about some of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that you have overcome along the way. Even more inspiring is what you seem to have taken away from these experiences: inner strength, a growing sense of empathy and caring towards others, and a heroic commitment to celebrating life and being happy. Your message was extraordinarily insightful, optimistic, and uplifting.
Your speech was remarkable not only in content but also in its delivery. It was soft-spoken and powerful, evenly paced and calmly delivered, as well as heart felt and deeply moving. As you continue your journey of recovery, I hope you will continue to think about how your experiences and words might help and inspire others in the future. You are clearly a very gifted speaker with a powerful and important message to share.

Thank you again for sharing your story and your inspirational message.
Lisa Milman, Ph.D., CCC-SLP 
Language & Aphasia NeuroRehabilitation Lab
Department of Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Utah State University                 

We were so proud of Britten when he was asked to be the Ambassador for the Utah Speech and Hearing Association. There was no way we were going to miss going to Park City to hear him speak there. Again, we were so amazed at how well he spoke.  I don’t think anyone there had any idea of some of the problems he still has. He spoke so fluently, without any hesitation, expressing his feelings and just giving such a wonderful, uplifting talk.  He has a way of giving credit to others that is so gratifying.  He doesn’t seem to take credit for how hard he has been working.   I had a few ladies tell me afterward that he should be a motivational speaker, he just inspires everyone.                     -Grandma & Grandpa Schenk

After Britten's accident in Brazil it was so hard to follow the day by day things he was going through those first 3 months in the hospitals, and know there was nothing we could do to help the three of them but pray. We could only imagine how hard this was for Steven and Karla too.

 We were so very grateful to Logan and Lora for the way they just moved in with Canon and Jaxon and took care of things at home so Steven and Karla wouldn’t have to worry while they were away..
    I know the Blog was a wonderful thing for all of us.  It was incredible to see the numbers of people who were checking the blog each day and making such wonderful comments. As Steven and Karla would read them to Britten in the hospital, we knew it was helping him, as well as the rest of the family.

Now each time we see Britten, and see all the progress he is making, we can hardly believe it!! Truly our Heavenly Father has blessed him, and continues to do so. We are amazed at the progress he is making and his positive attitude and the devotion of his mother and family. I don’t feel he could have come this far without that support from them.

Britten’s story has touched a lot of people, in and out of the Church. I don't think his mission ended last March. He is still on his mission. I don’t know of one person who knows them who doesn’t love and care for Britten and his welfare and are so concerned about him and his future. We just continue to pray that his eyesight will improve. We love them all more than words can tell, and can hardly wait to see what the next few months brings.   -Grandma & Grandpa Schenk

Britten has an exciting week coming up, as his Mission President is coming to the States and having a Mission Reunion.  His is coming here to our home to see Britten for the first time since his accident.  It will be a wonderful reunion!   We hope to have a post in a week and let Britten tell you all about it.
We thank you for your continued prayers, as you are in ours.
Love...-Schenk Family