Saturday, December 13, 2014

Returning to Brazil

To think we would return to Brazil someday was something I hadn't thought of.
After doing a fireside one evening, a very kind and generous couple offered to send us back to Brazil, so Britten could share his story and  testimony with the people there.  It has been hard for Britten having no closure to his mission.  He didn't  get the opportunity to say goodbye to the people he loved so dearly, so to return to Brazil was a dream come true!

As we boarded the plane Britt let out a squeal,  raised his arms in the air and started to do a little dance. "Yes, yes", he said, "Im so excited!"  When we landed in the SaoPaulo we were greeted at the airport by our eternal friends, Felipe and his mother Isa.  It was Great to receive their hugs and kisses.
  --Elder Schenk baptized Felipe towards the first of his mission.  Their bond was eternal!  Felipe was at Britten's bedside the first four days after his accident until we arrived in Brazil.  Felipe had recently received his mission call to Brasilia, Brazil when Britten had his accident.  Steven and I had the privilege to attend the Temple with Felipe in SaoPaulo. We think of him as our Brazilian son.--

We spent the day feasting on the wonderful food Iza prepared for us.  As Iza encouraged us to eat more,  Steven made the comment, "You will have to roll us out the door".   We had  to explain this phrase to Felipe.  He liked it....So the rest of the day it was #rollmeouthrdoor!    

That evening we gathered in the family room and enjoyed singing Christmas songs.  Felipe's girlfriend Lohony sang a   beautiful solo in Portuguese.  We sang together, Steven and I in English and the rest in Portuguese. The language was different but the melody and spirit, filled the room with harmony.  What a beautiful way to begin our trip.  Singing Christmas songs with a family we loved, then ending the day kneeling in prayer thanking our Heavenly Father for our bounteous blessings and the opportunity to return to Brazil.

Felipe and Lohony  speak some English but Iza....not so much, so communicating with Izildinha  was a bit difficult.  We wanted to share so much with each other, but the language barrier made this very difficult.  So holding hands, smiling at each other and sharing hugs made up for the loss of words, as
our spirits communicated with each other.

It was a privilege to share the evening with them as we shared a mutual feeling of love.        


  1. So excited for you! Have a great time & keep us posted. Love ya

  2. I'm so happy that you were able to return to Brazil. As I look at the pictures that you have posted, I see that you are happy and well-cared for by so many incredible friends! What a wonderful experience. Britten blessed the lives of the people of Brazil as a missionary, and now he has the opportunity of blessing their lives again as one who has experienced mega-miracles. May God continue to bless you all!
    Love you.