Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Out and About

As I ponder over the last week, we are grateful for the "good days", that allow Britten to do the things that he anticipated doing when he got home from his mission.  One of our family's favorite summertime activites is riding 4-wheelers in the mountains.  As we went with some dear friends to Bear Lake, they helped us fulfill Britten's 1st experience back on a 4-wheeler.  He was so thrilled to drive the 4-wheeler on the road for a few miles.  Then we switched places as we got up into the mountains.  He was so happy to be up in the mountains, doing what he had always enjoyed doing before.  Afterwards we enjoyed a soak in the hot pools and then some swimming.  We have been careful to not get water in his ear because of the fractures and damage there. 

As we went to the ENT this week and he gave us the OK for Britt to go swimming.  That was great news for a "State Champion" swimmer.  It has been fun watching Britten as he has given  "advice" to his little brother, Jaxon during swim lessons.  
Audiology tests determined that Britt has a mild hearing loss, and surgery can be done to correct this.
He also needs some future tests for hearing and balance, as he is dealing with dizzy spells.
Britten still continues being nauseous, so his days are not always easy.  With Speech and Physical therapy and Doctor appointments, our days continue to stay busy, even when he is not feeling well. 

Britten was so excited to meet with the High Council and share his testimony, but the Hic-ups prevented him from doing so.  The Hic-ups stayed with him for 2 days, and he was so disappointed he didn't get to report his mission.  He will get the opportunity again, in a couple of weeks.  Britten was also grateful for the opportunity to share his testimony and some of his feelings "on video" that was going to be shown at girls camp.  It is difficult for him because there are so many things he wants to say, but has a hard time being able to say them.
He shared with me what he wanted to say to the girls...He said, "He knows that God loves all of us.  He knows that God didn't make the bus hit him.  But Heavenly Father said, if something happens to you, I will be there to help you.  God will be there to help all of us through our trials."  "I believe that God allows things to happen because He knows that it is through our trials and challeges that we will become better."

I have sensed sadness in Britten the past few days and I asked him what was wrong.  He said, "Do you know what I would be doing today, if the bus hadn't hit me?"   In my mind I knew, but I let him share his feelings.  He said,  he would be packing to come home, and spending time with companions.  He feels so bad that he didn't get the chance to say his "goodbyes" to the people in Brazil, that he loves so much.  He didn't get the chance to meet with his Mission President and tell him how much he loves and respects him.  He feels bad, that he didnt get to "finish his mission."
As we talked about this, I experienced much sadness too.  Britten's life has changed.  He has alot of difficult challenges ahead of him, and yet I know he can do it.  Better yet,  he knows he can do it.  When we left for Brazil right after the accident happened, I told the Bishop, "If anyone can do this, Britten can!"  Britten has always had determination, and more importantly, great faith and trust in the Lord.
I said to Britten, "I dont know why this happened, but we have to Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding."

 We are overwhelmed with the "service" of friends and neighbors.  Just when I think the tears have run dry, another act of kindness is shown towards our family. We sincerely thank you, for your love, kindness, support, and prayers for it truely has made our burdens lighter. All our love,  Schenk family


  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. We are so glad to see your family "out and about", and can't wait to spend some time with you! Britten, you look great! Thank you for your strength and your testimony, which so strengthens everyone you come in contact with. We are so glad for the progress you are making, and continue praying for you every day. We love you so much!
    Love, Tom, Sheri, and family

  2. It's so great to hear from your family and Britten.... He is a miracle! I am sorry for the huge amount of trials upon his head but really excited about the huge amount of blessings that he's been receiving from the Lord!
    We will keep praying for him, and he did finish his mission, with a lot of honor! The last part of his mission was to teach us all with his great faith!
    I'm Brazilian but live in Orem for 6 years and I've been following his progress through the blog.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!
    Britten will still be able to go back to Brazil eventually and talk to his beloved friends.
    Ingrid Henricksen.

  3. Please tell Britten that his mission is not over. I am a brain surgery survivor too. I find myself when I need a boost, I go back and read the testimonies that have been shared on this blog. I read of the strength and the pure love of Christ and steadfast testimony of the gospel. His love for Christ gives me an extra booast of faith and peace when I am faced with the bad days filled with nausea, headaches, nerve pain, dizzy spells and balance issues. Britten's mission has only begun.

  4. I realize that Britton is disappointed at missionary milestones he has missed, but I hope he knows he is not forgotten. I still pray for him every day.

  5. I am so glad you are still sharing Britten's recovery. I pray for him everyday and am so touched by his testimony and miracles in his life. You have all blessed my life!

  6. Just wanted to let Britton know how grateful I am for his example as a missionary. My son is companions with Elder Squires, who was with Britton during the accident. My son was still in the MTC, but as word spread regarding what had happened, the Elders began praying and fasting that a miraculous recovery would happen. It has been a beautiful testimony building experience for me to follow your blog, and to know a little of what the missionaries in Sao Paulo East have experienced, because of the faith they have been putting in our Father in Heaven. Britton has been an instrument in the Lord's hand, and so has your family. Thank you SO much! May blessings continue to pour out to Britton and to you all! ~Sheryl Halls, mother to Elder Brandon Halls, Sao Paulo East Brazil

  7. A man was given a task by the Lord...he was told to go and push against the boulder that was in his path. Day after day, the man went out and pushed against the boulder. Year after year went by, and the man was never able to move the boulder, not even one inch! The man grew so disheartened that he felt like giving up. He prayed to the Lord in his anguish, asking why the boulder never moved, in spite of his best efforts. He asked the Lord why he never achieved success, no matter how hard he tried. The answer came from the Lord. He said, "My son, I never asked you to MOVE the boulder, just to PUSH against it. Look at what you have developed through the many years of pushing- you are now strong, you have developed muscles you would not have developed any other way, and you have demonstrated perfect obedience to my will. You have actually achieved true success!" Britten, this story is one of my favorites because it shows the value of trying- that sometimes THAT is the only point. Keep pushing against that boulder. That just may be the point right now. You are constantly in our prayers! Rachel Hill and Family

  8. If there is anything I know about this life, it's that we have to deal with change, and that change is both difficult and necessary if we are to return home to our Heavenly Father. My heart cries with yours, Britten. It is always hard to say goodbye, and worse when you don't get the chance. Keep your trust in God- sometimes it is easier to do that than at other times. And know that it's ok to shed some tears. I continue to pray for you and for all of your wonderful family! I love you all so very much! ~Sherilyn