Monday, July 2, 2012

Brother's Biggest Fan

     It has been a busy week! What am I thinking, all weeks are busy. The beginning of Britten's week was filled with appointments with Doctors, Specialists and Therapists. Britten is doing well. He has a long way to go, but, with a great attitude, support of wonderful friends and family, and faith in the Living God, he will succeed! Rarely have the Medical Professionals we have associated with, give any kind of time frame on or scope of Britten's recovery, and we understand that they cannot, there are just too many unknowns with Brain Injuries. Several have indicated that they expect it to take a couple years. With all the miracles that we have witnessed to this point, we know that we must continue to have faith and be patient, because as always has been, his recovery is in the Hands of the Lord. We have already been so tremendously blessed.

    The later part of the week was spent visiting family, being visited by mission "buddies" and watching a basketball tournament. As a family we have loved participating in and watching each other play sports. Britten loves most sports but as much as he loved swimming, he might prefer basketball. He loves watching and cheering for his younger brothers as they play. Even with his limited sight, he follows Canon with his eyes. He even sometimes sees the game better than the referees! haha. Britten is his brothers biggest fan!  It was awesome that several of Britten's friends came to help cheer Canon on to victory as they won the "Big Mountain Jam" Tournament.


We so appreciate the many mission "buddies", that have gone out of thier way to come and spend time with Britt. He has felt of thier love and it has been wonderful to see them reunite and talk about the mission.  We are grateful to friends that have called and have come by to cheer up Britten's day.

 Another, talented, sweet friend came to sing and play her harp for our family and it certainly made our Sabbath Day complete!   Britten has so many amazing friends. We love you all for your cheer, support, prayers and faith!

As we read the testimony's being shared on the Blog, we are so appreciative to you, for sharing your strength with us.  The day's are not easy and sometimes it is very easy to get discouraged and down.
So thank you for your continued support because it gives us strength and encouragement to carry on.
    I thought today, as I watched another wild fire dangerously close to homes, of the many trials, challenges and hardships that so many families and individuals face everyday, I need to be more grateful for all the many blessings that I have been given. Our Heavenly Father stands ready to bless us as we try to be obedient and faithful. Our Savior has paid a tremendous price to save us and help us in our struggles.   If we will follow him.   All our love,    The  Schenks



  1. We love you and think and pray for you often! Keep goin Britten-you are so strong! Your faith has strengthened ours so much, we are thankful for your example.

  2. Fam. Schenk, les amamos y agradecemos siempre por compartir con nosotros el progreso de su hijo, Britten y el suyo. Todos ustedes son un gran ejemplo para nosotros, a pesar de la gran prueba que están pasando, nunca su fe ha decaido, por el contrario. Oramos por Britten para que su recuperación sea exitosa, para que siga sonriente y animoso, lleno de amor por el Señor y por su Obra... ¡el ha cumplido su misión con creces! aún hasta hoy siguen Familia Schenk enseñandonos con el ejemplo, a vivir con esperanza, fe y amor en momentos de dolor y pruebas.
    ¡EXITOS! Que nuestro Padre Celestial les continúe bendiciendo.
    Con amor,
    Fam. Jave.
    Cajamarca - Perú.

    1. Hermana Eliana Jave, por favor, escríbame a Gracias!

  3. I just said it..but I'm going to say it again.

    THANK YOU. Your family is such a strong example of faith and courage. . . something I look up to a lot.

    You guys are amazing.

  4. Hi, I just saw your story on the news. I can relate; when I was 17, I Had a severe head injury also. In a coma 28 days. Through prayer, Priesthood, and therapy I'm now pretty well recovered. One big part of my recovery was receiving Craniosacral therapy. I went on to learn this and have helped others wIth head injuries. If you are not using this therapy, please look into it. If you have questiOns, contact me: MassageWorx dot com. Good luck!