Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Witnessed a Miracle

    Last night, we had the opportunity, as a family to visit some friends we hadn't seen for a few months. It was great to see them again. One was "our adopted daughter" from Brasil who is attending BYU and hadn't seen Britten since he was teaching her brother, who is now serving a mission. The other visit was with a recently returned Senior Missionary Couple who were one of the Church doctors in Brazil who took such wonderful care of Karla and I and also of Britten from just moments following the accident.

    It was such an great experience to see them again. For Britten, it was his first time meeting them, at least in his memory. Britten does remember up until a few days before the accident, but then he skips to the air ambulance transfer to Utah. So, he doesn't remember any of the accident or of the Hospitals in Brasil.
    That visit reminded us of several things. We realized again how indebted we are to so many wonderful members and leaders of the Church in Brasil, and in the U.S. Also, we are so thankful to the many health care professionals in Brasil and in Utah. Some have speculated that health care is better in the U.S. but in our experience that is absolutely not true. Britten had wonderful people caring for him here and there. I would recommend Albert Einstein Hospital every time.
    We are reminded as well of all our friends and family throughout the world who fasted and prayed in our behalf. Our visit reminded us again also of the many miracles that we witnessed and continue to see in Britten's life. Some I'm sure are getting tired of us referring to Britten's recovery as miraculous. I'm sorry to them, but that will probably not change. As we reviewed our experience in Brasil with our Friends we were reminded that scientifically and medically speaking it would be impossible for Britten to have survived, and even then if he had survived the expectation for any recovery would be extremely low. Karla and I feel, at times, that some feel that we are exaggerating. The fact of the matter is, with no blood flow to the brain for a period of time maybe even a few hours or days, the prognosis really couldn't be worse. However, one of the foremost Neurosurgeons in the world will also tell you that "we all witnessed miracles and God's hand at work"!
    We know that Britt's life was preserved for a reason and he is a walking miracle. I hope that when you get to see or meet Britten that you will help us remember that. He is doing so well, we don't want anyone to forget what "The Lord Hath done". I really don't have words that adequately express our love and gratitude to Our Loving Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ for all our blessings. We again thank all of you for your faith and prayers. We are also very grateful to all the generosity and all who are working so hard to make Britten's Run a success.


  1. "Some I'm sure are getting tired of us referring to Britten's recovery as miraculous."

    ANYONE who has followed this blog from the very beginning as I have cannot arrive at any other conclusion. His progress leaves modern medicine speechless.

  2. We sure love you guys! and every time I think about Britten I know it's a miracle! Not exactly the way you guys expected him to share miracles and hope world wide, but that is exactly what you are doing.

  3. WE never tire of your updates on Britten and KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that he is a walking miracle!!!! I have never pleaded in prayer as I did when this happened to Britten and to think of all the collective prayers and fasts in his behalf, spanning continents throughout the globe - we have seen miracles in modern medicine but also miracles of how the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring hope to so many, many people. It's because of your deep faith and devotion and acknowledgement of God's hand in all things that this event in Britten's life has captured so many people's attention. You have all handled it with such grace and faith and it has poured over into every home who views this blog. That is a miracle!!!
    Mama Pope