Monday, August 6, 2012

His Future is Bright!

       As I ponder over the past few weeks Britten's recovery is going well and we are so grateful for the "Good Days" as we see so much progress, but last week he had a few rough days which affected his whole week.     Our family went on a little trip two weeks ago and Britt had such a wonderful time.  He was only nauseous a few times and didn't have one dizzy spell.  He enjoyed spending the week with his family and Grandparents, going to "Aladdin, at the Tuachan",  going to his first movie,  swimming,  and watching Canon play in a Ball Tournament.  Britt was the "life of the party"! 

When we got home, Britten got up in the middle of the night and had a dizzy spell where he blacked out, fell and hit his head on the wall.  It was a tough night, which carried over into the next few days.  His vision was worse and he was not feeling well.  Time was spent in the ER making sure everything was okay.  The Technician asked why he was wearing sunglasses and Britt proceeded to tell him "he was hit by a bus in Brazil, and his eye is very sensitive to light".  The gentleman's eyes got big and he asked, "are you Elder Schenk?"   Britt said, "yes",  to which the man replied, "our family has been praying for you!"  He could not believe he was looking at the missionary who Doctors said, would not live.
     Later in the week our family was eating in a restaurant when Britten was walking out with his little brother Jaxon.  Britt didn't see a black bench and whacked his bad leg on it, leaving him in a great deal of pain.  Britt is so independent, we honestly forget that he has minimal sight.  His positive attitude and his cheerful personality is the reason people have Loved being around him.  His friends came over that night to cheer him up.

Britten's therapy's are going well!  His vocabulary is increasing each day, and it is thrilling to see improvement every week.  He got a new phone where the print is large enough on it that he can text and call his friends now.   He is starting to read a little and reading text messages from his friends is actually good practice for him.  Oh, how we are grateful for his good friends!

Britt's physical therapist pushes him each day, as he is increasing his strength, mobility and flexibility.  Four weeks ago, Britt couldn't bend over to pick up the basketball or sit on the floor.  Now his trainer has him doing squats, lunges, while increasing his balance.

                                          I marvel and rejoice in Britten's miraculous recovery!

Britten is preparing to talk in church and the Stake President suggested he could talk on the atonement.  When we got in the car Britt asked, "what is the atonement?"  When we started to explain then he said, "Oh, that's what Jesus Christ did for us".
Britten still has so much to re-learn, we just know it is going to take time.   The wonderful part is...  He Is Doing It!
Before Britten served his mission he had two years of college behind him, majoring in Pre-Med/Pre-Dental.  Steven and I honestly believe that in one to two years he will be ready to attend College again.  It might not be in the medical field, but we Know that "His Future is Bright". 
We are grateful for the strength that has been given to us from our Father in Heaven, because we truly feel blessed as we have gone through this incredible journey with Britten.


  1. I have followed the blog for months every since I first knew of it and Britten and your family is in my thoughts and prayers every day. You inspire me - all of you. I know with faith you can do great things and it's awesome to see that happening for you and it's awesome you are sharing it with others. My son is having surgery on the 17th so we are unable to come to Britten's run - I wish we could be there. Thank you so much for taking time to keep up on the blog and share your personal stories of faith and courage. Britten is clearly an amazing man with a truly amazing family and I know the Lord will continue to bless you all.

  2. Thank you for continuing to share your experiences with the world. I have a daughter currently serving a mission and have felt a bond with your family during this time. Your testimonies have strengthened mine. Edler Schenk and your family continue to be in our prayers and I am crying tears of joy as I read of his continued progress. We have a saying in our house to "keep on keepin on!" So, to Elder Schenk, "keep on keepin on!" You are doing awesome! May God always bless you and may you always find peace in His gospel.

  3. Hi family Schenk. I'm glad to see that elder Schenk is so well. But I'm so sad about my daughter that had a serious brain injury,in a terrible accident, like your son, 4 years ago. Now she needs to go on an urgent surgery. SHE has a plate,protesys,that needs to be replaced and the doctor said it's around R$ 120 thousand. The material is from the USA.WE have no conditions.Maybe you can give us a suggestion, a help how to get it. I'm crying so much, my daughter is only 14, next 20 she is going to turn 15.I trust in Our Heavenly Father.Please, tell me something, even it's just hello.
    Sister ANITA Fanzlau Varjão, Mission Sao Paulo Leste, Brazil

    1. Sister Anita, would you please send me your email and that would be a easier way for us to communicate. I'm sorry for your daughters injury and we will keep her in our prayers. Put your trust in the Lord and He will give you comfort, to get you through the hard times.


  4. Thank you for sharing more fabulous posts. Britten is such a determined man! It is wonderful to see the pictures of therapy. Britten you continue to inspire all of us who know you and read about you. Wish I could be there this Sunday when you report your mission in Sacrament Meeting! I am looking forward to a big hug next week! Keep up the hard work!
    Love you so much,

  5. Please, tell Elder Schenk that I didn't like the "São Paulo" t-shirt on his body!! hahahahaha! Elder Schenk, what about the Corinthians Football club?????