Sunday, August 12, 2012

Unconquerable Spirit

My name is Brody Holbrook and our family lives a few doors down from the Schenk’s. We have developed a special friendship with them over the recent years as we have been blessed to associate with them. We love the Schenk’s and consider them family.

When I think of Britten, I think of an unconquerable spirit. This is not immediately detectable due to his humble and soft-spoken nature. However, it shines through the more time you spend around him. I have witnessed this on several occasions. For example, it is not uncommon to see Karla and Britten going for a walk around the neighborhood. Often times I have been able visit with them. Occasionally, Karla may candidly tell me about the fact that it has been a particularly hard day for Britten, which of course could be caused by a number of factors he is battling. Without fail, Britten will confidently say in his cheerful voice, “It’s okay, tomorrow will be better” or “It’s gonna be fine…just takes time”.
This is just an example of something I have witnessed many times. He refuses to let his injuries (or the accompanying pain) get him down or hold him back. He has inspired our entire family. I have often said that Britten is worthy of every blessing he receives and every act of service on his behalf. If you have not done so already, please visit the website we have created on behalf of Britten at to register for the run/walk or simply make a donation if you cannot attend. What a wonderful blessing this will be to Britten and the family!

This unconquerable spirit runs in the family. As many of you know, Logan and Lora have enthusiastically stepped in and taken over while Steve and Karla were needed in Brazil and Salt Lake. We have never heard them complain or even feel sorry. They always exuded optimism and gratitude. Britten is fortunate to have an older brother he can look up to.

I particularly want to mention Britten’s two younger brothers. We have been fortunate to have Jaxon and Canon with us and in our home regularly over these past several months. Sometimes it is easy to overlook how hard this would be on a younger brother. They experienced the trauma of almost losing their older brother, much of it early on without Mom and Dad since they were in Brazil with Britten. Since that time their way of life has been completely changed. However, through it all they have been examples of faith and optimism. Canon and Jaxon each possess an unconquerable spirit. Even though I am their elder by 20+ years, I truly look up to each of those two young men. What an example they have been to us and to any who have associated with them.

As you can see, it runs in the family. Thanks Steve and Karla for the wonderful boys you have raised. Your sons bring honor to you and your name. And thanks Logan, Britten, Canon, and Jaxon for your inspiring examples of unconquerable faith and optimism.

A special thanks to Jeff Hunter for letting us use these pictures, that will used in a upcoming article telling Britten's story, coming out in Cache Valley Magazine on August 25.


  1. Amen! I agree! Thank you for the post! I am happy that the Schenks have such great neighbors.
    Melanie (Sister and Aunt)

  2. I agree, too! Love you so much, family! You truly inspire me and help me remember that anything is possible with our faith and the power of the Lord! <3

  3. Very well put, Brody. Thanks for your thoughtful remarks, especially about Britten's brothers who have also been through a lot and acted like troopers all the way.