Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Good Day!

We hope that this title gets old and boring! We thank our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for blessings received. Elder Schenk remains under light sedation to keep his body calm while his brain heals. We truly appreciate the staff and Doctors here and believe that we are blessed to have such competent and compassionate care. We witnessed miracles and small improvements again today. "Small" is a relative term. Really, to us they are huge improvements, but we don't want to give the wrong impression. In this situation, even simple things are "Wonderful to us." Britt has a long way to go. Little by little he will get there. Thank you all for your faith and prayers! (They are being answered) We know that you're being blessed as well. The Brazilian people truly have hearts of gold and are so supportive and helpful. After reading your messages of hope, faith and love we go to bed at night uplifted by the spirit and sleep well, knowing that all will be well. Heavenly Father is in charge and He loves us all. Love, Steven and Karla


  1. I too hope that this term gets overused. Love you all, so good to hear it was another good day. Here's to another good day tomorrow. Love, Heather

  2. I promise we will NEVER get bored of this title!! We are so grateful for baby steps of improvement, and to our Heavenly Father for His care and keeping. We, along with so many others, pray and think of you daily. Much love, Colleen, Nephi and kids.

  3. I pray daily for him. The good days are great to hear. Little by little day by day.
    Sunshine Gregory

  4. I so agree with your TITLE!!! Every small improvement is a wonderful and awesome acheivement. Praying for Britten and the rest of the family. Hard to think I used to babysit Britten and Logan. Keep the FAITH!!! Raini (Yost) Hayden

  5. Dear Steve amd Karla,
    Knowing your great families, we are touched but not surprised by your amazing strength and faith. In my mind, I picture daily my sweet,smiling first grade student as Gary and I sincerely pray for his recovery. May Heavenly Father bless and care for all of you.
    Much love, Gary and LaRae

  6. We are so happy to hear this. We will keep praying for him. We have his name and the whole family at the IF temple and at the Rexburg Temple as well. We love you all! Landon, Yvette, Natalia, Katelynn and Hunty!

  7. We will never get tired of another good day. So good to hear. The lord is truly watching over you and we continue praying with the many others. We love you all. Keep keeping the faith. All our kids are praying for each one of you also. We all love you.
    With all our love and prayers,
    Your Bro David, Mary and the kids.

  8. This is fabulous news. And like David said...I don't think anybody could get tired of hearing of a good day. I know all of Logan seems to be teaming together and solely just PRAYING for Britten. My cousin swam with Britten. May the Lord be with you and you and your precious son be comforted and feel his love.


    ♥ xoxo.

  9. \õ/ Good news!!! Thanks for sharing and uploads everyday! Day by day he is going to be better! Patience, love, and faith! Have a great day tomorrow!!!

  10. How glad we are to hear that Britten is on the mend. His good days are good days for us all. He feels like our own little brother and we pray for him and your family daily. May the Lord continue to heal him and send good days to us all. We love you. Brigg and Whitney Neibaur

  11. Praying for your family. May you be blessed and strengthened during this difficult time. Though we have never met. We love your son and the work that he was doing. Thank you for your example of faith.

  12. dear Schenk family,

    I am sorry to hear about this accident. I am praying for his fast recovery. I am from Brazil and I know that Elder Schenk as well as his parents will be well taken cared of over there. We will continue to pray. hang in there. we love the missionaries and specially those serving in Brazil. be safe, Norma DePaula

  13. So glad to hear you are having good days! We hope there will be many, many more. We heard today that many students at Mt. Crest wore their Sunday best and fasted for Britten and Your family today. What great kids! Thanks for the updates. So glad you are there with him. I am positive it helps him. I hope we can strengthen you as much as your faith has strengthened us. Love, Calvin and Kathy

  14. Steven & Karla,
    You really are the best big brother and sister-in-law in the world! Many thoughts and prayers going out for you and Britten from North Ogden, and from a missionary in Fort Worth, TX, who looks up to and loves his cousin so much! We love you--give Britten and each other a big hug from us.
    Tom, Sheri, Beckah, Tyler, Kristen, Kelsee, & Kylee

  15. Steven and Karla,
    I am thanking the Lord for another good day! How blessed we are! I admire your optimism and your faith. I, too, believe that all will be well. Thank you for the continued posts! I am always thinking of Britten and saying prayers for each of you. So much love to you!

  16. It is so good to hear that he is doing well again today. I don't think that any of us will ever get tired of hearing that he has had another good day. I hope that he has good days every single day for the next 80 years. Our prayers are with Britten and all of his family.

  17. Dear Steven and Karla,
    We are so grateful to hear of any improvement! We are also touched by your faith and hope. Please know how very much we love you. You are constantly in our hearts and prayers. We are especially mindful of the boys left at home. I know the girls here would be absolutely devastated if something happened to their brother. We are praying for each of you.
    Hang in there!
    The Bradys

  18. We'll be keeping praying for him. Our Heavenly Father loves us and loves your family too. Everything will be fine if we put our faith in God.
    Valentine Cirano (São José dos Campos/SP)

  19. Steven and Karla,
    Any day with Britten is a good day! So grateful you are by his side. We KNOW that he knows you are there and receives great comfort from you. We spent most of the day yesterday in the temple. Felt so close to all of you and our sweet Britten.Many prayers and tears were shared. You are all such wonderful examples of faith and love. May Heavenly Father bless you with many, many, many "good days" and keep Britten in His constant care. We love you all. Hugs to you and your good sons at home.They are also in our hearts.
    Love, The Stoddards

  20. Steven and Karla,
    You and all those involved are in our thoughts and prayers daily.
    Thanks so much for sharing progress, miracles and blessing through this blog. It is amazing the world wide connection this can bring. We know the power of prayers, blessings and the gospel at work first hand. You and your family are so wonderful and we will continue to pray for many, many more good days.
    Love, The Checketts Family

  21. I read about your son from a virtual friend in a virtual community in Brazil. I am here offering my prayers that he'll recover well and soon.
    I am Brazilian and lived in São Paulo for many, many years.
    Glad to hear you're reaceiving the best possible care.

  22. Oi...não sei inglês, mas todos os dias entro para saber notícias deste maravilhoso Élder, todas as vezes copio a sua publicação e coloco no tradutor do Google, e fico muito contente por cada melhoria que ele tem dia-a-dia. Oro para que ele se recupere logo e seu que o Pai Celestial está escutando cada pedido que fazemos para melhoria do Élder, sou da Estaca Caruaru que fico no estado de Pernambuco e temos a grande bênção de ter um Templo pertinho de nossa casa, amanhã estaremos indo ao templo e com certeza naquele pedacinho do céu o nome dele será lembrado em nossos corações e orações...que o Pai Celestial continue a dá conforto aos seus corações, pois ele jamais esquece um filho amada. Com carinho Marília Daniella.

  23. Steven e Karla,
    Somos imensamente gratos por saber que o PAI CELESTIAL esta no comando de nossas vidas,nos da fámilia andrade estamos orando constan temente pela recoperação de nosso amado elder schenk,sabemos que ele ficará bem...Nossa familia acabou de receber um missionario retornado,sentimos sua dor e choramos com vcs mais tenham certeza que ele tera vitoria ;pois é um anjo do SENHOR a serviço de sua obra maravilhosa....Queremos agradece-los por compartilharem conosco todos os dias atraves desse blog o progresso de nosso amado elder...estaremos sempre juntos em oração
    com amor:FAmilia Andrade


  24. Steven and Karla, we don't know each other, but please know my family and I are praying for your son.

    As I read all your posts I could feel the strength and faith you have and that strengthened my own testimony.

    If there is anything I could do for you guys, please let me know... my email is I live in Sao Paulo and will be more than happy to help you in any way.

    I served a mission in the Washington DC South Mission and know the work your son is doing truly is the Lord's work.

    Much love,

    Rafael and Camila Sugiyama

  25. Dear Schenk family,

    Our prayers are with you and your dear missionary boy. He could be our own son, who is serving in the same mission, so it feels very personal to us. We hope the good news continues each day!

    With love and faith,

    The Hedrick Family
    South Jordan, Utah

  26. Steve and Karla,

    We will also look forward to every day being a "good day." We are so grateful that you are being blessed and comforted. We love your family so much and feel you deserve all of the Lord's finest blessings. South Americans are truly some of the sweetest, most helpful people we've experienced. Glad you are in good hands. You and Britt and your family at home are in our prayers every day!


  27. Querida Familia, estou orando diariamente pela recuperação do seu filho, todos nós aqui , pois ele é mto precioso para nós. Que o Pai celestial os Abençoe a Todos e os conforte nessas horas dificies!!!

  28. OH Karla and Steven, You and your family are so special to us. You are in our thoughts and prayers continually. Give that boy a big hug for us. Heavenly Father is there and watching, and I know that he's listening to the many, many prayers being said on behalf of Brit and your family. Know that we love you. Love George and Trish

  29. Dear Steve and Karla,
    My daughter was just called to serve in the Brazil Teresina Mission. I look at the internet everyday for information about Brazil. I happened upon your blog. Our hearts go out to you and your family. Please know that our family is unitedly praying for your son. We hope that everyday is another good day! Love, Suzie Terry


  31. Nós aqui da Ala Pimentas e da Estaca Cumbica estamos todos orando pela recuperação do nosso querido Elder Schenk.Confiamos no Senhor e sabemos que o Senhor está com ele.
    Aos pais do Elder Schenk que possa ter muita força e fé para superar este momento difícil saiba que o Elder é muito querido pela nossa Ala e que tava fazendo ótimo trabalho aqui. Estamos todos juntos orando e na torcida para que tudo saia bem.Abraços...

  32. Olá Preciosos Steven e Karla!!!
    Que notícia Maravilhosa!!!
    Eu e meu esposo somos paulistas, moramos a 5 anos
    no Paraná onde servi Missão.
    Nós estamos em oração por teu filho e sabemos que
    o Pai Celestial ouve nossas orações!!!
    Ele está no controle e tudo ficará bem!!!
    Temos um missionário retornado (Missão São Paulo Leste)
    em nosso Distrito e ele conheceu e teve o prazer de fazer
    divisões com Élder Schenk.
    Teu filho é um instrumento poderoso nas mãos do Senhor!!!
    Continuaremos em oração!!!
    Milagres são reais e eu acredito neles!!!
    Bjus da Paulinha Freitas.

  33. I'm so glad to hear about Elder Schenk recovering's !!! We are still praying. We are witnesses of a lot of miracles. When we learned about that the gospel should be teach in every nation, we never can imagine how this would be a blessing for all of us.
    Daily, we are seeing people around the world, puting Elder Schenk's name and yours in our Temples, and entire wards and families praying and fasting for you guys. These touched me soo deeply and are increasing my own faith.
    Thanks for your example, and keeping strong.
    With love, your sister in faith,
    Priscilla Aquilini and family

  34. We hope you had another "good day". We are praying for you.
    Kim, Susan, and Spencer Probst

  35. Hello I am from Arizona, and I just read about your son being injured on his mission. I saw his photo and I was overwhelmed, I started to cry. I don't know you from Adam, but I said an immediate prayer on your family and your son's behalf. I hope everything improves and he is able to heal. The Lord is very mindful of you, and your son. I'm so glad you are there with him in his time of need. Your son seems like a very sweet person, and I'm adding my prayers to all the other's. My two boys who are just tiny are praying for "the Brazil missionary who got hurt". I love you, Amy G.

  36. We are praying in Texas for a full recovery for your sweet son. May Heavenly Father continue blessing each of you during this time of healing. Heavenly Father loves you!

  37. I just heard of your wonderful family and your valiant son this morning. My family and I will constantly pray for you and put your names in the temple. Stay strong and continue to have hope and faith in the Lord's healing hands. My son is serving a mission with only ten weeks remaining. The miraculous thing is that almost five years ago he was in a devasting car accident. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for three months. Doctors and therapists gave us little hope for his recovery. Against all odds, and with priesthood blessings, and prayers from all around the country, our son began his way back to us. He had to learn how to swallow, speak, use his hands, and eventually walk again. A few subtle signs remain, but most people would never know he was injured. Every injury is different and the Lord's will will be done, but be prepared to see miracles happen for your son. Now is the time to show your love and faith for our Savior and a loving Heavenly Father. May you all be blessed and feel the tender mercies of the Lord.

  38. My wife and I are praying for you all!
    I also was a missionary in São Paulo.

    We're brazilians and we're actually living in São Paulo now. If there's anything we can help with, just let us know (help with the language, a place to stay - you can stay in my house if you want, help taking you somewhere, visiting you or even a shoulder to cry on).
    This is my cellphone just in case: (11) 9907-8867

    We wish you all the best!

    Lucas and Patricia Bolzan

  39. I know this is very difficult moment, but I pray every day for recovery of Elder Schenk and I'm sure that the heavenly father can do a great miracle in his life, I always tell people here that soon he will be well, I know I will not know him, but he is a servant of the lord, I know he is an awesome missionary, I was very sad and cried a lot, but I know it will soon pass, the heavenly father loves him very much, I sure that our prayers will be answered :)
    Raylane Santana

  40. Steven e Karla
    Meu marido e eu presidimos a Missão Cuiabá, no centro oeste brasileiro. Desde que soubemos do acidente com seu querido filho, temos nossos pensamentos e orações para ele. Amamos os missionários da igreja que tornaram-se, como costumo dizer, "nossos heróis"!! E quando um de nossos heróis sofre, nós sofremos. Como pais sentimos bastante empatia por sua dor e queremos compartilhar da esperança da plena recuperação do Elder Britten Schenk. Nós acreditamos em milagres!!
    Com amor
    Cleto&Ana Márcia Oliveira

  41. Dear Schenck family,
    We are the Petersen's, we live in Orem - Utah but we are from Brazil,and we have a son serving in the Sao Paulo Interlagos Mission. We just wanted you to know that we pray for Elder Schenk every day and when we are working we have him in our thoughts all the time.
    We know that there are a lot of Brazilians that want to follow up Britten's condition but cannot read in English so if you need any help with translation or other things please let us know.

    Love ,


  42. really something very difficult for the family, but I know you'll soon be well, I know heavenly father will answer our prayers every day I pray for Elder Schenk and his family.know that my family prays fervently for your best, know that you are a great and amazing missionary.We wish you all the best!Elder Schenk and his family. LOVE GABRIELA SANTOS AND FAMILY .

  43. Dear Steven & Karla-It was no accident that I went on the Deseret News website today. I was so sorry to hear about Elder Schnek's accident. My wife Judy and I are in Sao Paulo now visiting our daughter and her family. Her husband is in the Foreign Service. Your are right about the quality of the hospital. It is the one where our daughter has been treated as well. We will all be praying for Elder Schenk and know that he is in Heavenly Father's hands. If there is anything we can do for you while we are here please let us know. The best way to contact us is via email. =My email address is We used to live in Morro Bay, CA and there were Schneks in our ward there. All to be the best to you.

  44. My name's Brother Thomas Jefferson, and I serve in the Ipiranga's stake high counsel to take care of the stake's missions, which is where elder Schenk works.And for a few weeks he's been talking a lot to me to make a marriage for a couple that he's been teaching the gospel to. I'd like to congratulate the Schenk family for Elder Schenck's education, dedication on his work. He suffered the accident right when he was coming to a meeting with me to help the couple that he's been teaching the gospel to. Last Sunday I had the opportunity to take sequence in his work realizing the meeting to help that couple wich names are Joseph Daniel and Katiana, from Haiti. Their marriage is already done and right after we will be Baptising them. For me is a honor to work an help one of God`s server like elder Schenk. His example is being the biggest strength for this couple accept the gospel. Again, congratulations to Elder Schenk`s family, mostly to his parents.

    With love,
    Brother Thomas Jefferson Cardoso and Family

  45. Dear Schenk family,
    We were so sorry to hear of your trial at this time. We heard from our son, when he wrote to us last monday. He is currently serving a mission in the Fortworth Texas mission, and is companions with Elder Condie. Our family held a fast on Tuesday on your family's behalf. We continue to keep all of you in our prayers. And we thank you for this blog that we may follow Elder Schenks progress. Good luck to all of you.
    Sister UnaRae Taylor, Delta Utah

  46. So glad to hear about the good days! We are still praying and thinking about you. What an amazing look at all the posts and the AMAZING amount of visits daily to this blog! Britten is well loved by family, friends and even those who do not know him or the family! What an amazing thing to witness from afar! Steven and Carla, your posts are so wonderful and I can tell you are being quenched by the spirit...and all the prayers that are coming your way. There are many of my friends and ward members that are praying for you! We may even hold a special fast for Britten this coming Sunday! We love you, and think of you all often!

    Lots of love and hugs to you!
    Sandy (Steven's Cousin)

  47. I don't know you or your family--I heard about this on the news and have been praying for you and your son ever since. My only connection is that I also have a son serving a full-time mission so I love all missionaries! I am sure you are wonderful people. I know the Lord is mindful of all of us and especially of His missionaries. Please know that another missionary's family is praying on your behalf.

  48. Schenk Family! Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you all every day! Our thoughts are with you and we all believe in miracles in every way! You are so right!!!...The Lord is in charge and everything will be in perfect order. I am glad that you see that you have more family and friends then you know what to do with. I hope that shows you what great and wonderful people you are. You have been an example to me in so many ways Karla!
    Hang in there and please know that we are here to help in any way we can!
    All our love, faith and prayers,
    Russ & Christina Hallam

  49. Hey Neighbors: All week we have listened and we have watched. You have been in our thoughts and most importantly your always in our prayers. Since day one we have been blessed to have lived next to you. Your whole family are all great examples. We are here if you need anything. I know Logan and Lora are most capable to take care of things on the homefront, but if there is anything, the Syndergaards are here to do whatever we can do.
    All our love,
    Tim and Sherrie Syndergaard

  50. In our thoughts and prayers. We are asking nothing of the Lord except for your son's full recovery until he's "out of the woods!"

    Our needs can and will wait until your son is better.

    The Meaker Family
    Providence, Utah

  51. dear family,
    me and my husband live in sao paulo. we never met you or elder schenk but we are keeping you in our prayers.
    i'm sure we are witnessing another God's miracle. I hope for the day i'll read about he hugging you both, and I pray it can happen soon.
    best wishes
    Evelyn and Fernando