Monday, May 7, 2012

Successful Surgery

The day started early today. At 6:30am the nurses came in to get Elder Schenk ready for surgery. There was a cancelation and so he got moved up on the schedule. It was a long day. By 4pm he was finally in his room. The surgeons said everything went great! Britten is tired and I don't know anybody that enjoys surgery except the hospital staff. He is understandably miserable coming out of the anesthesia. I am praying for a restful night. Tomorrow will be a better day! Thanks again for your faith and prayers. I know Our Father in Heaven hears our prayers. May He bless you in your struggles and trials as well.


  1. So great to hear it went well. Britten is a warrior as we all know. We love you Britten and pray for you and know our Father in Heaven and our Savior watches over us all. Thanks for your strength. You continue to bless lives.
    Keep smiling as we all are.
    With all our love, David, Mary and the kids

  2. So glad to hear that the surgery went well! One hurdle handled! We are still praying for your family and long to help carry the burden but know that the journey is walked one step at a time!
    Take care of yourselves as well as Britten.

  3. We have been praying for your son and for you his family! We are happy that the surgery went well and will continue to pray for strength and healing that he will continue to get well. Please know that there is a family in TX who care and are praying for you.

    Wendy Watts
    League City, TX

  4. We are so grateful for a successful surgery! We all went a little crazy not being able to read your updates while we were gone, so it was nice to get home and get caught up! We continue to pray for Brit and his doctors!

    Ashley and Ryan

  5. So grateful for the blessings of a loving Father. Stay strong, Schenks. We love all of you! Keep fighting, Britt!

  6. Keep fighting through this Britten--you are my hero!!! I hope you are all able to rest well tonight. Trudy

  7. I eageryly wait everynight for your update posting. I don't know Britten or his family, but we share a few things in common. My nephew just came home from his mission in Brazil. Britten's tragic accident became so much more real because my nephew came home just a few days after it. I also have great empathy and compassion as a fellow survivor of not one by 5 brain surgeries. Those few days after surgery are the hardest because if it the surgery was successful, then you want to speed up the healing (sometimes a little too fast). The hardest adjustment for me after brain surgery was accepting my path in life was going to be different.I was different. I had to accept that my difference were still good. I had to put my faith in Him and see were his new path leads me. I would like to commend the Schenk family in the steadfast faith and support. Britten may need to borrow some hope, strength and comfort from his loved ones. I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery, more good days than bad and the ease of nausea. (The nausea really is a strong side effect of brain surgery. It can be really bad).

    Best wishes,

    Fellow brain surgery survivor

  8. Familia Schenk, ¡gracias por compartir tan gratas noticias! estamos muy felices, seguimos orando por ustedes.

  9. Our prayers and thoughts are with you daily! Saturday we did witness a miracle. David Hawkes, my nephew, who was in a terrible accident last July 24th, got married to his sweetheart Lindsey in the Logan Temple. Who would have known some months ago, that he would so miraculously be able to recover so quickly and well! Amazing! Be hopeful and know as you already all do, that everything is in His hands and in perfect order.
    All our love and prayers,
    Russ and Christina Hallam

  10. I got to talk to Jill the other day about Britten.... he is truly amazing and so are you guys! Hang in there and know that the McLain's are thinking of you and praying for you!

  11. I am so happy to hear the surgery went well! I love you!