Friday, May 4, 2012

Surgery Postponed

It has been a long slow day of waiting. After waiting half the day, the Doctors postponed surgery. Britt was on a new blood-thinner that requires him to be off of it 2-4 days. So they now plan on doing surgery on Monday. Britten was kind of disappointed but understood why, so we will patiently wait. We hope you never tire of us telling you how appreciative we are for your prayers, concern and support. Our prayers go out to you, as you go through your own personal trials and struggles. We have found that going through this trial, we have become aquainted with God, and we know that He lives. We have learned to trust and rely on him. It is wonderful that we all have a loving Father in Heaven that cares about each of us and our needs. All our love, Steven & Karla


  1. Well, on the positive note, it gives Britten 2 more days to get stronger. Hang in there Brit. The lord's in charge and knows what's best. We love you and continue to pray daily for all of you.
    Keep smiling as we all are.
    B Love, David, Mary and the kids.

  2. The Lord's timing is the perfect timing. :) Rachel Hill

  3. Our hearts and prayers are with you, now and always. We pray for the team of doctors that will work on Britten. Stay strong; there are so many who care.
    Love, The Stoddards

  4. I'm coming down next week and wondered if there was anything I could bring down to you. I would be happy to even run errands for you down there if you need anything. Comments on my blogs are emailed to me so you can reach me that way by just responding to this comment. As someone above said, it does give him two more days to get stronger and maybe that's what he needs to have to have a successful surgery. I've learned that the Lord's timing may not be my timing but it's always the best timing. His recovery this far is nothing short of miraculous.

  5. Hermanos Steven y Karla, ¡cómo quisieramos estar junto a ustedes para alentarles, apoyarles y cuidarles! son difíciles estos momentos de espera por una pronta recuperación de Elder Schenk, rogamos a nuestro Padre Celestial que les reconforte, anime y fortalesca sus corazones y su fe, oramos también mucho por Elder Schenk; no les conocemos personalmente, pero sus rostros estan en nuestra mente cuandor oramos. Hoy ayunaremos por ustedes. Estamos a su lado. Les amamos Familia Schenk.

    Familia Jave.

  6. I know that to wait is difficult, but sometime this is necessary and the best. We are going to continue to pray and we are going to trust in JC and trust in Heavenly Father! I know that Lord will continue to take care of Elder Schenck, I know! Only Trust our Lord!Our thinks and our prayer are with you. Hugs and strenght!(Cida/ Sao Paulo - Brazil)

  7. O senhor trara seu filho perfeito como sempre foi apenas terá que esperar um pouco mais. Deus conhece o amor dos seus filhos e sabe tambem da confiança que todos nos temos na recuperação de garoto iluminado e cheio de luz.

    Vera Vieira

  8. Thank you for your continued updates on Britten. We are so grateful for your testimonies and your positive attitudes. It certainly helps all of us who are experiencing tests and trials. May Britten continue to improve and may the Lord continue to bless your family

    The Kelsch Family

  9. I will never tired of such thankful and lovable words and feelings. Thank you alwasy. Have a wonderful weekend all of you! May God be glad with us. =)