Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Good, Quiet Day

Elder Schenk had a fever most of the night and seemed very tired today. The CT scan of the head was positive. The brain swelling continues to decrease. The CT scan of the lungs showed the lungs are much better but revealed some fluid around the lungs. They are testing to see what the fluid is and if that could be the source of his fever. Britten was very quiet today but still showed some signs of responding to Doctors and Staff. We are learning that we need to be patient and positive and not to expect huge improvements everyday. Some days are going to be slower, but all improvement, no matter how small, is great! One thing that doesn't change. Our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ love us all! They are in charge. They're Will be done. We thank you again for all your faith and prayers in Elder Schenk's behalf and for many others in need as well. All our love, Steven, Karla and Elder Schenk


  1. We're glad for more good news. Small improvements one day at a time; soon all those days will add up to one big improvement!
    We know that Heavenly Father is watching out for you and Britten. We know that Jesus Christ knows what you are going through because he suffered all things. We know that miracles still exist. How glad I am that we have this knowledge!
    Take good care of each other. We love you all and are glad that there are so many people taking good care of you.
    Love, Laurie & Derris

  2. You don't personally know me. I am a missionary mom living in Cedar Park, Texas. Please know that Elder Schenk and his family are in my daily prayers. My heart, my concern, my prayers go out to you and yours at this difficult time. The Lord's Priesthood and the Power of Prayer are Mighty. Mighty Miracles are available through both. I pray daily for a beautiful recovery for your precious son. Sincerely, Lois W.

  3. Our hearts just ache for you through all the ups and downs throughout each and every day... So grateful for every little improvement and want you to know you never leave our thoughts. Praying for the fever to subside. So love our Britten and all of you.
    Love, Stoddards

  4. Having recently walked this road with Maddi, those small improvements end up being huge. Don't let the pacing discourage you! Brain Injury is an excercise in trusting Heavenly Father's timing. We are still praying for you here. If you ever need the listening ear of someone who knows, mine is here for you.
    Love and prayers sent your way.
    Beverly Sanders

  5. Karla and Steven, what wonderful news that he is responding and getting stronger day by day. Like you said, all in Heavenly Father time. He is in charge and we have to have faith in that. You, Steven have demonstrated that faith so well. Through your faith you have touched many lives. We are so grateful for your faith and testimonies. Stay strong. We continue to pray for you all daily ..
    You all are loved so much and we admire you. Keep smiling, as we all are.
    Love, David, Mary and the kids!!

  6. You are continually in our prayers. Your faith is a testimony builder for us all. I, too, know that our Heavenly Father loves each one of us enough to give us what ever experiences we need, to return to him one day, fully prepared for the next season of eternity. We love you! Thomas and Cameron send their love also.
    Carl, Cynthia and Family

  7. We are praying for you and your son every day and realize how important those prayers are. We too had a son that was injured about two years ago. I would love to be able to write to you and let you know of the great things that can happen through our Father in Heaven and through the priesthood. We know how important support and love is from family and friends and even people that we don't even know. It is a tough time right now, but if I can be of assistance and you could use someone who knows about what you are going through, I would love to be able to help and listen. My email address is karen_cassity@hotmail.com. Keep looking for those miracles, they will happen every day.

  8. You don't know us, but we know Colleen and Nephi very well. I have been reading your blog since the accident, and being a mom to a missionary in Mexico, who worked for Nephi by the way, I felt some kind of "missionary family" connection with you. Then when we found out that Britten is their nephew, it brought an even deeper feeling. After talking with Colleen and hearing what an exceptional young man he is, it is easy to see that the Lord has something exceptional in mind for Britten. Your faith is inspiring, Britten is inspiring, and the people that are helping you at home are Angels. Please know that our prayers are certainly with you all.

    Steve and Merlynn Price

  9. We wish you the best Britten! We expect seeing you better and we hope to see you out this hospital as soon as possible. We miss you as we told you before, the angels listen our prayers as we know that you are angel, please answer us.


    Family Safuan

  10. I'm so glad he's getting better! I'm a Brazilian living in Canada, and heard the news. I'm praying for him and your family! Love from Canada.

  11. Thinking of you.... glad to hear things are getting better one day at a time! I am so glad you guys are able to be there with him. We will continue to send prayers your way. - Nicole

  12. Found your blog from Deseret News. I served in Sao Paulo North a few years ago and got really sick. I ended up on the 2nd floor (ICU, I think) of the Albert Einstein Hospital in Morumbi for three weeks.

    You already know this, but it is an excellent hospital and your son is in good hands. Your son is so fortunate to have the best hospital in South America so close to where the accident occurred.

    I was touched by your blog and just wanted to give my support. I look forward to more updates!

  13. I wanted to let you know that you are in our hearts and prayers. I know this has been done many times but wanted to let you know that I put Britten's name in the temple the other night. Love reading the daily updates on Britten's condition and recovery. May the Lord continue to bless and comfort your family. Remember this is but a short time in the Lord's time frame and this will adventure soon be a distant memory.

    Scott & Pam Kimball and family