Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breakfast in Bed!

We thank all of our family and friends for all of your support and prayers. You are a source of strength for us. Elder Schenk continues his improvement. Remember how we told you that Britt would have to learn how to eat? He had yogurt, grape jello and grape juice in a box for breakfast. He did amazing! He did get a bit excited with the straw and the juice box and sputtered once. I asked him if it was orange flavored jello? He nodded, No. I asked him if it was grape? He nodded, Yes! The Therapist seemed impressed...that was our first session. We really don't have words to adequately express our gratitude to our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. We love them! Heavenly Father loves all his children and Jesus Christ is our only hope. Please know of our love for all of you! Steven, Karla & Britten


  1. Sounds like a yummy breakfast! Such fantastic improvement. I'm so glad that Britten is such a strong, determined, hard-working young man! Also so thankful for Heavenly Father's tender mercies and fabulous miracles orchestrated in Britten's behalf. Love you all so much! Thanks for the updates. You consistently inspire me.
    Hugs and love,

  2. Wow, this is all so wonderful. I thank the Lord daily for His continued blessings on your family! Elder Schenk is strong, and it is obvious that the Lord is blessings him (and you all) for his hard work as a missionary. Thank you for always updating us!!!!!!
    Karen Ogden

  3. Steve and Karla,
    What a blessing it has been for the senior missionaries in Sao Paulo to have you here. Your faith and love is an inspiration to all of us. We know that Heavenly Father is listening to and answering the prayers of thousands of missionaires and parents worldwide. Thanks for sharing with us. Love you. Jim & Vickie Urry

  4. Drops from Heaven are sprinkling down on Britten. He will conquer this!! How I love this young man. Karla and Steven, you are remarkable in every way. Thank you for sharing your son and your testimonies. Trudy Knight

  5. Such a joy to read of Britten's progress each day! Can't go to bed without checking on him! Love to all...
    The Stoddards

  6. I am so happy to read about Elder Shenk's progress each day!

  7. YEAH! That is a huge step! After eating, the voice takes over! I am so happy to hear of this great news! Still praying and sending all manner of good Karma your way.


  9. This makes me happy happy happy! I am always so eager to here of all of his new improvements each night.

    ♥ xoxo.

  10. So happy to hear about all of Britten's improvement! He really is making great progress! We check here daily for updates. It took this long for me (Felicia) to figure out how to post a comment! Just wanted you to know that we continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers! Scott, Felicia and Kids.

  11. I´m another member, unknown to you. I am serving with my husband, the Area Medical Advisor in Lima, Peru. Thank you for taking the time to write daily, telling us all of the progress E. Schenk is making, large & small. I´m anxious to read every day how he has been. I´m grateful to learn of Heavenly Father´s tender mercies to you & your son, to help you through this challenging time, you inspire all your readers.
    My prayers join those of hundreds of others.
    Hermana Jane Gough

  12. We are so happy that Britten is responding like he is. We want you to know that we love you and your family and you're in our thoughts and prayers daily. We've been keeping track every day of how he is doing and are so glad to see progress. May Heavenly Father continue to bless you and your family. All our love,
    The Raymond Family

  13. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I'm so glad things are going so well!!

  14. So glad he is improving each and every day. Thanks for the updates! We are still praying for you and your family. As I read "Breakfast in Bed" I was very excited, I knew it had been a good day even before I read the rest of the blog. You are loved!

  15. Steve and Karla eu e minha mãe estamos muito felizes por vocês! Nós nos conhecemos no corredor do 5º andar do Hospital Albert Einstein onde meu primo está internado.

    Também oramos pelo seu filho e foi com muito alegria que encontramos o irmão Steve na 3º feira e ele disse que estava voltando com o filho para os EUA. Foi emocionante pois ele disse que quando chegou ao Brasil o filho estava bem doente e agora estava voltando com ele ao lado da esposa. Assim como ele, eu e minha mãe nos emocionamos e lágrimas cairam pelos nossos rosto. Estava no rosto dele a grande felicidade. Nos conhecemos por 10 minutos mas de coração percebemos que vocês são uma familia bem especial.
    Tenho um sobrinho Missionário em Fortaleza (Brasil) sei o qual grandioso é Servir ao Senhor. Que Elder Britten traga novas alegrias e vocês, irmãos e familiares.
    Steve e Karla, que junto com os outros filhos, unidos novamente, vocês possam superar essa fase.
    Que o Pai Celestial os Abençoe Sempre
    Maria Imaculada e Valéria