Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thankful for a New Day... And Wonderful Family and Friends

Today was an improvement over the last couple of days. Brittens high fevers subsided and he was finally able to keep a little food down as he was less nauseous. A couple more good days to get a little stronger and he will do great in therapy sessions. I think being sick to your stomach is one of the worse things to deal with. My heart goes out to those who have to deal with that on a regular basis. We want to take a moment to thank Logan and Lora at home for being Mom and Dad! They have done amazing, taking care of things at home, and most especially being there for Canon and Jaxon. We also have very special neighbors and friends at home who have made this s easy for us. We love you all! Thank you all for your help, prayers, and strength. We thank Our Merciful Father and Savior for all our blessings. We look forward to more small improvements tomorrow.


  1. Oh that is wonderful news that the Drs are getting on top of things. Miracles continue. We love our Father in Heaven and our Savior. They love us also and as we continue to trust and have faith in them, they will continue to bless. Prayers from us continue daily in Britten's behalf as well as your families behalf. We love you all so much. Keep getting stronger Britten.
    Keep smiling as we all are.
    All our love, David, Mary and the kids.

  2. After I read Karla's entry last night. I felt her heart felt words and thought how can I help? I called 4 temples in the valley and put Brittens name on the prayer roll. I hope he continues to become stronger every day. I won't give up on you Britten. I will keep praying for your recovery and for your life to move foward. Thousand are rooting for you. Patti SLC.

  3. Wonderful news tonight after some scarey days! Many of us have you in our thoughts and prayers that you don't know...but we feel like we know you! Happy news tonight!
    Leslie (Kaysville, UT)

  4. We're so grateful for a better day. Hang in there, Britten. It's maybe a longer road than we were hoping for, but we know you can beat this! Be strong and of a good courage!
    The Bradys

  5. So glad things are better today. You are still in our every prayer. Sending lots of hugs! Thanks, Logan and Lora!
    The Murdochs

  6. you have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I heard about the accident. I have friends who are not of our faith who have place your names on their prayer chains and Circles. I am so grateful to all of you for your excellent example of faith,humility and testimony through out this difficult time. Love to all
    Barb Green

  7. Nossa corrente de oração continua aqui no Brasil, mesmo nos estados em que ele nunca veio, somos uma grande família e amamos nossos irmãos de fé...então vosso dor também será nossa, e estamos clamando ao Pai para que o Élder supere todas as adversidades que surjam. Nossos corações e carinho estão voltados para sua família! Abraços.

  8. I am so pleased to hear of Brittens continued progress. I am amazed at both Brittens strength as well as your strength and we continue to pray for you and your family. Thank you for continuing his missionary efforts by sharing your testimonies and your faith through this blog. It lifts my spirits everyday to read of your faith. The gospel is a wonderful thing and I am grateful you have it to help lift and comfort you through this trial. We may be strangers in life but we are friends in the gospel. May God continue to bless you and your family.