Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Future is as Bright as your Faith

I thought that I would explain about the picture on the top of the blog. Last year Elder Schenk sent home some pictures of his mission. One of the pictures captured my heart. It was the picture of him and his companion, Elder Rocha walking 2 hours through the mountains of Guaratingueta to teach a family. I decided to have this picture enlarged and give it to Steven for Father's Day. How trilled Steven was and how beautiful it looked on our wall. I decided I wanted a inspirational quote or saying to go above the picture that would give meaning to our whole family. As the next month went by I pondered on what it should say. Some of my ideas were, "Have I done any good in the world today", or "Faith in every footstep". Then in one of Elder Schenk's emails he used the quote " The future is as bright as your faith". That was it! That was what needed to hang above this picture. I never knew that it would have so much meaning to our family down the road. Thank you Pres. Monson for these encouraging words that has inspired our family the past year, but especially the past 2 weeks. "Fear not, Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your Faith". As we have listened to General Conference, we listened to it in a different way. With a contrite heart, we humbly listened how we can improve our lives and become closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.


  1. Beautiful!! It reminds me of the quote said in one of the Sunday sessions... by M. Russell Ballard, I think - "Replace fear with faith." It's much easier said than done, I know, but I can also tell that it's something your family has been doing daily for awhile now.
    Blessings and Prayers from Kansas,

  2. We LOVE this picture! It shares thousands of words!
    Love you,
    Lyle and Melanie

  3. Querida família Schenk, não escrevo em inglês, mas acredito que um dia bem próximo o Elder Schenk vai ler algumas mensagens deste blog e por isto sinto à vontade para escrever em português.
    Linda mensagem de hoje.
    Compartilho uma música especial: " Sempre está em teu coração, mesmo se questionas se Ele sabe quem és. Ele crê que vais conseguir, pois já sabe até onde podes ir, Ele irá te apoiar, e ao teu lado está.
    Sabendo o que irias enfrentar, pode assim te ajudar, Ele orou e chorou.De joelhos se prostou. Sofreu e nos salvou, nunca está só,
    ouvindo Sua voz".
    - Letra da música True to You - Jenny Phillips -

    Forte abraço

  4. We love that picture and quote. We could all use a little more faith in our lives and right now you are teaching so many by your amazing examples. We love you Britten, Steven, Karla and the rest of your family. We are continually thinking and praying for strength, faith and miracles on your behalf. Love, Heather, Josh, Maycee and Krew

  5. Karla--Thanks for the sweet description of the picture on this blog. We had imagined it to be Britten and now we know it is! The quote from Pres. Monson is so perfect. It's almost like Britt knew you would need it. It's wonderful to know that it touched his heart so much that he wanted to share it with you, and that this is something he uses to guide his life.

    To both you and Steven, thanks for sharing the good news of this weekend. It's nice to hear that Britt has movement and is responding to the healing of his body and mind. I loved that he raised his hand in a sustaining vote yesterday and that you can be with him to see the tiny but HUGE improvements he is making. We continue to pray for him as do many of our friends. His name is back in the Reno temple for that addition blessing that comes through temple ordinances. We love you and your family, and know that our Father in Heaven has you in His sight. --Marilyn, Rachel and Michael

  6. I just want to personally thank you for sharing that inspiring story. It's interesting how sayings quotes and scripture tend to touch our hearts in different ways at different times. We will keep praying for your and your Elder. May God's sweet spirit bless you and your family and especially your missionary with a peace and calm to endure and keep up the fight to get better and better each day. Fred, Carlotte, Carlysa and Elder Fred Openshaw

  7. I love you all, my brothers and sister. Thank you so much for your words. I also thank Pres. Monson for his service on behalf of each of us. I'm thankful for the General Conference and for all the missionaries around the world. For the love of our Savior. My true wishes of seeing and getting to know your family closer one day, here or/and after beyond, Tatiana Costa, Ala Rochdale.

  8. I would love to purchase a copy of this photo for my home and probably more as gifts for missionaries or future missionaries in our family and others. I wonder if you could sell prints of the photo with the quote on it as a fundraiser for your family? I think so many people have been and continue to be inspired by Britten and your family and I think his story is one of true strength and faith and what a powerful message this picture gives! Please consider it and let us know if it's possible!
    Thanks, Laura Scott, Hyde Park 5th Ward