Saturday, April 14, 2012

Counting our Blessings

We give thanks for blessings and miracles from a loving Father in Heaven and good medical care. Elder Schenk has done so well and improved so very fast. We feel like one of the biggest challenges before him is his vision. We are sure that he can see, but it is very limited. We know we need to be patient and we also know that if it is Heavenly Father's will, it will happen. We want to thank so many for their comments on the blog. They have been so positive and uplifting to us. We know that so many are praying with faith and we so appreciate your prayers. There have been countless offers to help us in so many ways, both in Brazil and at home. Your support for us coupled with the atonement of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ and the companionship of the Holy Spirit has made this experience truly a blessing for us.
All our love,
Steven, Karla, and Britten


  1. Love you all. Many testimonies have been strengthened including ours. May the Lord continue to bless Britten and your family. Praying daily for miracles to continue. Keep smiling as we all are..
    Love, David, Mary and the kids.

  2. Conta as bênçãos conta quantas são, recebidas da divina mão, uma uma, dize-as de uma vez, e verás surpreso quanto Deus já fez!!
    Nosso Deus é Um Deus de milagres e podemos contar as bênçãos mesmo...

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I read it the blog every day and my testimony has grown through your experiences. I continue to pray for Elder Schenk and and am so happy to hear of his progress.

  4. So great to hear about his progress and all of the blessings.. It is a slow process but each little thing is awesome to her about it. We will keep praying for him and soon you will be able to bring him home and to take care of him!

  5. We feel so close to all of you each time we read this blog. Elder Schenk is a strong young man and has made tremendous progress. We pray for him, you, and all those who are also making their way through challenges. You strengthen our testimonies and remind us of what really counts in this life--the gospel, our relationships and our testimonies of a living Christ and a loving Father in Heaven. Thanks to you and your family for having the strength to take time to share with us each day. We love you.
    The Stoddard Family

  6. Thank you for updating the blog daily. I, too, like so many others check for updates everyday. Everytime I read about his progress my heart leaps for joy. Your faith is such a testimony builder to me.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your son and his experiences! We check this blog every day to see how things are progressing. Hang in there and continue to be strong!
    Much love,
    The Johnston Family

  8. I am so glad that he is doing so well. The faith you guys have is amazing. I am glad you keep us updated through this blog. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Eu não sei se vocês podem me entender.. mas tenho orado todo dia pelo Elder Britten... Fiz jejum, e vejo que tem funcionado, eu sou grata pela vontade do senhor e por ele nos escutar... Peço sempre que ele os de força para que vocês possam dar força para o seu filho, eu Amo muito vocês e estou orando todos os dias por melhoras e agradeço você por postar aqui, sempre me aliviando sobre a melhora do Elder..
    Sou a Carollina de Porto Alegre, Estaca Moinhos de Vento, ala 1.
    Um grande beijo e muita força para vocês.


    I do not know if you can understand me .. but I have prayed every day by Elder Britten ... I fast, and see what has worked, I am grateful for the will of the lord and he listen to us ... I ask him where the power so you can give strength to his son, I love you so much and am praying every day for improvement and I thank you for posting here, I'm always on the improvement of relieving Elder ..
    Am Carollina Porto Alegre, Windmills Stake, ward 1.
    A big kiss and a lot of strength to you.

  10. since everything happened with the elder Schenk, got together and prayed for his recovery .. I am grateful to Heavenly Father for it is better. you have been an example to me ... you are like my family ... we love you very much.

  11. so now we pray for his eyes and a fast recovering! all will come back to normal ... it is just a time for all to get back to normal!! may you be always blessed with support and help from the Lord!!

  12. I have been thinking of you today -- watching your blog brings back many memories for me. I remember when Dan had double vision and it was blurry.. and then a few weeks later, it was normal. ... or the time they took the trach out and his airway collapsed because of a lack of nerve sensation to that area of the body to keep it open. .. and then a couple of weeks later, they tried again, and he was able to breathe on his own.

    Some miracles take time... and the experience is one of daily gratitude for the Lord for carrying us through our trials. We can get through it -- not because we are so great... but because the Savior is so great. He is the true source of strength in all of our lives, and what a blessing it is to have an experience that will burn that knowledge to the very core of our soul.

    What would faith be like if every prayer was answered immediately? How would we ever grow? I am thankful for the growth that I have gained because of Dan's accident, and I feel the Lord's hand in my life even today. How many of us who know Dan would realize the great character he has, and the inspiration that he is to so many because he STILL smiles. There are countless numbers of people that he has helped strengthen and none of us would ever know of his strength if he did not have the trials. I am grateful for his happy smile and his strength of character.

    Miracles happen. We continue to pray for more miracles for Elder Britten. Don't get discouraged if things take time -- just continue to put your trust in the Lord and He will take care of you. Life is good because the Lord is good and I am grateful He is by your side through this great challenge! It has been a reaffirmation of the love I felt so many years ago and continue to feel every day. May the Lord continue to bless you.

    Keep up the great work! We love you.
    Dan and LaNae

    1. Thanks, LaNae, for your amazing words. Your perspective is inspiring. It is true and good for us to remember.
      I am also grateful for Danny's happy smile and strength of character and for yours!

  13. So happy for his recovery and that he's back! I imagine he'll one day be the bright, exuberant boy that I remember him as! What faith your family has demonstrated that strengthens my testimony!

    Caleb & Nikki (Hobbs) Caple