Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Long Day-A Late Post

First of all I would like to apologize that this post is so late. I know many people check it in the evening before they go to bed. We have all had a very long day today.
Earlier in the day we had a great time talking with Britten. His speech is improving slowly and we are so excited for the progress he has made. We laughed and joked about old memories and were impressed with some of the things he could remember.
Britten was moved to a new rehabilitation facility late this afternoon. In the morning there will be several different therapists that will evaluate and consult Britten's condition. Once they have an idea of what he can do they will start working him hard. There is going to be a lot of work in the months ahead, but we know Britt has a very strong desire to recover and will not give up.
We are so grateful to our Father in Heaven and for the mercies that he has extended. The progress that Britten has made the last 10 days has been absolutely incredible. It has been nothing short of miraculous. We are so grateful to EVERYONE for their thoughts, prayers, and love. We are truly blessed! With Love,


  1. Way to go Britten. We know that you can do it. You truly inspire all who know you. Many people have grown closer to their Father in Heaven because of the miracles that we have been witnessing. We love you and continue to pray for new miracles each day. Keep up the great progress. Keep smiling as we all are...
    Love, uncle David, aunt Mary and all the kids

  2. Keep up the great work Britt! I'm sure you're all exhausted, yet you continue to update the blog every night. Thank you so much! We love you guys and thank our Heavenly Father each day for the miracles he's bestowed on your sweet son.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for always keeping us up to date with everything! I'm one of the many that read this beautiful blog before I go to bed :) its amazing to see the strength, of not only Britten, but of the whole Schenk Family. I LOVED Jaxon's post, and LOVE how well written, and heartfelt each post is. It's neat to see just how close a family can get to our loving Heavenly Father. I can feel his arms wrapped around your family, and reading your blog nightly makes me feel those loving arms as well. My heart and prayers are with you!

  4. Thank you for updating us, Logan. I know it takes a lot of effort. It would be nice if you could all take a few days off to rest and recuperate before having to hit it hard again. I guess it doesn't work that way. I know the Lord is sustaining you all and will continue to do so, but still, you need to take good care of yourselves! When the therapists start working and challenging Elder Schenk, he will be up to the tasks. He is determined and hard-working. He loves to surpass goals and achieve more than is expected. He is such a fantastic young man.
    Love you all. I pray that Heavenly Father continues to bless you and inspire all who work with Britten.

  5. I'm so grateful for this faith promoting blog! It gives me a spiritual lift each time I read it. Thanks for posting! Still praying for Britten and your family!

  6. Thanks for the post Logan and for all you have done for your family lately. I don't know what they would have done without you and your good wife! Britten is a winner and will give it all he has. We are always here cheering him on and praying that he can recover as well as we all want him to. He is such a warrior. We just love him and all of you too. Hang in there.
    Jane Stoddard

  7. “The Morning breaks the shadows flee" Hymn #1

    On the afternoon of Saturday March 17 I was working in our yard … Shawna came out side with the news about Elder Schenck, our hearts immediately sank, thoughts that were pre occupied concerning our missionary son, Landon who had just arrived in the Columbia South Carolina Mission…were immediately replaced with an over whelming concern for Elder Schenck, tears came quickly, after all, we are missionary parents. Since Elder Schenks accident, our prayers have taken on an increased measure of praying for specifics, not only do we pray for Elder Schenk and our son Landon, but for all the missionaries serving throughout the world. Thank you Elder Schenck and family, for sharing your faith and love for Heavenly Father and his Son, may the Holy Ghost continue to comfort and bless you.

    Alan and Shawna Peterson
    Hyde Park 6th Ward

    PS Tell Britten we look forward to hear him report his mission in July

  8. I can't thank you enough for your blog - we are literally hanging on every word and feel strengthened with each new entry that you post. I've got my pom-poms out and will be cheering for Britten every step of the way!!!!!

    lots of love,
    Mama Pope

  9. Cada día que leemos sobre la mejoría milagrosa de Elder Schenk, es motivo de mucha felicidad y gratitud hacia nuestro Padre Celestial porque sabemos que El escucha y atiende nuestras oraciones. Familia Schenk seguimos y seguiremos orando por ustedes, sabemos que esta es una de las más grandes pruebas que pueden estar viviendo, pero su enorme fe nos está enseñando que pueden superar estos momentos.
    Les amamos. Por favor expresen nuestros sinceros deseos de salud y felicidad para Elder Schenk. Gracias.

  10. We are so happy to hear about the progress. I admit that I haven't been reading this as faithfully as I should/wanted (life got in the way) but we have kept Britten in our prayers every day and Reygan has kept us updated. When she told us that he was home it took mt breath away. It was almost the same reaction I had when she told us about the accident only opposite. Does that make sense? I was so amazed that just one short month later Britten was home. There is no other way to describe it than a miracle!! We are blessed that you have been so willing to share this with the world. Thank you for lifted us up in such a trying time in your life! Much love, Shaylon, Roma, Shaylon II & Brittany, Reygan and the rest of the gang!!

  11. We are former members of the Hyde Park 6th ward and recently (in January) had a very similar experience with our 16 year old son. He received an injury in PE that led to, among other things, a brain bleed. While he didn't have a trach, he did have 15 1/2 hours of surgery in a 48 hour period and had part of his cerebellum removed. His recovery has been pretty identical to your Elder. We have read your blog every day and it has brought back many different feelings. We also experienced many many miracles and today our son is at least 95% back to his original self. It has been a blessing in our life to experience and learn from this journey. The OT and PT we had at Logan Regional were excellent and when your Elder comes back to Logan, I can give you the names. Please email me or call me at any time. You have been amazing! tammy.selley@imail.org or 435-770-3380.

  12. Dearest Steven, Karla and family,
    While we were in Salt Lake on Tuesday, knowing we were close to your location, our thoughts were turned to you, the struggles all of you have been going through and the sacrifices you have made. Sometimes the paths we are called to walk along are so difficult it takes all the strength and courage we can muster. Then, just when it seems our burdens are heavier than we can bear, our Savior steps in and gives us strength and courage beyond our own abilities. He gives us a reason to smile and see the blessings of life. How grateful we are our Savior has been so close to you, helping you along this difficult path. Our hearts and prayers continue to be with you each and every day.
    We love you, Bruce and Laura

  13. Dear parents, so wonderful to know he is doing so well!! and I am sure he is there to help himself with his thoughts and mind getting strong and active! the Lord is there for sure and now is just praying for each action at a time! and we pray for all he needs! and a blessing for you, his parents, for the wonderful power you have been blessed to help him! may the Lord bless you all!!