Thursday, April 26, 2012

According to your faith

It is so easy to report about the day when things have been good and we see progress. On the other hand it is a bit more difficult on the tough days. Today, Britten improved, but we had a hard time focusing on the good because he was battling a severe headache all day. Elder Schenk has struggled with headaches, often migraines, his whole life. Unfortunately, this was one of those days. His headaches seem to be triggered by heat, exhaustion, lack of sleep or dehydration. He has learned to manage them as well as he can. As parents, when Britten received his mission call to Brasil Sao Paulo East Mission, we were a little concerned about him going to such a hot climate. About 3 months into his mission we received an email from Elder Schenk telling of an awful migraine. It left him in bed, with little sight and part of his face and his arm numb. His companion gave him a blessing and promised him, according to his faith, that he would not miss any more work the rest of his mission. Elder Schenk has shared his testimony with us that over the next year and a half, he has had a few headaches, but never one that stopped him from his work. He has been an example to us of placing his trust and faith in his Savior Jesus Christ and his loving Father in Heaven. We are grateful to them for our bounteous blessings. We are thankful to all of you for your strength and prayers, and we include you in ours as well. We know that all prayers are heard and answered.


  1. We are so glad that his day was better. We will pray for his headaches to minimize also. You guys are such an inspiration to all. We hope you can feel of our love and prayers. We love you all so much. Britten is a great example of faith and relying on the Lord for strength. Keep up the great work Britten. We love you.
    Keep smiling as we all are.
    With all our love, David, Mary and the kids.

  2. I was thinking that I always comment on the "good days", but wanted you to know that we follow and pray for you on the "rough and hard days" also! Thank heavens for new days! Sleep well.

  3. You are so tough, Britten! I was at a training meeting for my swimming lesson job today and we practiced the backstroke. It definitley reminded me of you. :) Keep being positive and working hard. You are my hero!

    Katie McGregor

  4. Travis was able to serve in Brazil without many headaches but has suffered from severe, sometimes debilitating migraines which started up just after we got married (I really hope there's not a connection there!). Stress, sleep deprivation, dehydration, and allergies are all factors for him. Sometimes I wonder how he can get up and teach in that condition, but he is usually somehow able to make it through until he's home and can have an ice pack, drugs, and hopefully sleep! I know his determination to do the Lord's will is a big factor in being able to do his work. I still remember the time last year when Brother Winkler and I were talking about his favorite students and he said, "My favorite student of all time? Hands down, Britten Schenk"! He sure loves you Britten! We pray for all of you daily with much love!

    Brother and Sister Winkler and kids

  5. We have a son in Peru, serving in the Trujillo Mission. Our older 2 sons also served, our oldest also in Peru, and our 2nd boy in Milan, Italy. We are a missionary family, with 2 more sons getting ready to eventually serve. While our oldest was on his mission, he suffered medical problems after a surgery, and we felt totally hopeless. I understand a tiny fraction of your worry, pain, and frustration. But I also understand your faith and reliance on the Lord. I have been following your son's story every day since his accident. My heart goes out to him, to you, and to your family. We pray for your boy every day- especially the hard days. He is a special warrior for the gospel, touching many with his perseverance. You, like Aaron, are his "spokesman", and much good is being accomplished through your words of testimony every day. Every time you feel dark, know that we, like hundreds of others, have your back, are praying for you all, and have the faith that will move this mountain! Love to you all, Rachel Hill and Family

  6. I too have been following your blog and praying for Britten. I served my mission in Brazil and feel a great fondness for the country and anyone who gets to serve there. I read your post about the migraines. I suffered with migraines as well. I learned that they can be caused by a hole in the heart. I went to a cardiologist and he found a hole so I had what's called a PFO Closure to cover the hole. It's not open heart and is fairly easy to recover from because of that. I have three other close friends who've had it done and we all have experienced either no more headaches or very few. The cardiologists at St. Marks are familiar with the procedure. Just something to think about for the future. Best of wishes. You are in our prayers.
    Becky Steenblik and family